CS224N lecture18 笔记

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Tree Recursive Neural Networks, Constituency Parsing, and Sentiment


  • Principle of compositionality

    • The meaning(vector) of a sentence is determined by:
      • the meaning of its word
      • the rules that combine them
    • Models in this section can jointly learn parse trees and compositional vector representations
  • Recursive vs. Recurrent

    • Slide 17
    • Recursive neural nets require a tree structure
    • Recursive neural nets for structure prediction
      • Inputs: two candidate children's representation
      • Outputs:
        • The semantic representation if the two nodes are merged
        • Score of how plausible the new node would be
  • More complex TreeRNN units


  • Recursive Neural Networks
    Vector, Matrix, Tensor for the "W"

  • Constituency parsing(phrase structure parsing)

Suggested Readings

  1. Constituency Parsing with a Self-Attentive Encoder
    factored self-attention

  2. Parsing with Compositional Vector Grammers